Group Ordering and Investing into the project

Group Ordering and Investing — is easy and beneficial.

Join other customers to purchase innovative skincare products at a lower price.

How to participate:
  • Join one of Group Orders or choose Investing Group,
  • submit an order for your selected product item(s),
  • make payment,
  • wait until the minimum collective order of your chosen Group is achieved,
  • get your order within the guaranteed delivery time!

What are the benefits of Group Ordering and Investing Program?

  • As you purchase products directly from manufacturer there are no middlemen involved. You don’t pay any agent fees and can be sure that you will get those particular products you ordered directly from our company.
  • Group Ordering and Investing Program allows participation from all over the world. As we provide worldwide delivery, customers don’t have to belong to the same region!
  • Participants of Group Ordering and Investing Program can buy all our products at significantly lower prices.
  • The more products you order, the sooner you’ll get them as the products will be shipped once the minimum quantity of the group order is achieved.
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