Summus Everyday Cotton Set


Summus Everyday Cotton set



Contains 4 packs of cotton pads Summus Everyday Cotton

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Cotton tissue set, Summus Everyday Cotton, is your access to the world of Japanese premium facial skin care. They provide the maximum easy application for your skin care products and smoother skin covering, as well as help to save the product.

Functions of cotton tissues in the course of facial skin care

  • For make-up removal
  • For lotion application
  • For application of any serums and other liquid-based products
  • For local mask patches


One pack contains 60 tissues (50×70 mm), made of 100% cotton 100.

Tissues complies with the 1st (highest) grade according to OEKO-TEX® Standard.

Oeko-Tex Standard is the international system of testing and certification of items made of textile materials.

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