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Treatment Action

The essence activates skin cells, improves metabolism and provides a safe skin restoration effect on a long-term basis. The essence is an effective combination of traditional Japanese skincare components and innovative ingredients.

The main function of the product is to intensively restore the skin and its natural ability to regenerate itself. This regeneration ability declines with age causing main skin concerns, from wrinkles to the loss of elasticity.

This multi-active serum addresses major problems of the “tired” skin induced by sleep and nutrition disorders, UV radiation and unfavourable environmental conditions.

Treatment Effect

  • The essence deeply moisturizes and actively nourishes the skin.
  • Restores and supports skin’s vitality and elasticity.
  • Revitalizes the skin, bringing back its natural healthy glow.
  • Minimizes the risk of irritation, including cold allergy, protects from environmental stressors and their impact.
  • The serum has an intensive skin smoothing effect as it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and tackles the already existing ones.
  • Corrects uneven skin tone, lightens pigmentation and redness.
  • Reduces hypersensitivity, removes flakiness, contributes to the regeneration of injuries.

The essence does not contain artificial colorants, alcohol and other aggressive components. Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Intensive skin restoring ingredients

The classic line essence revitalizes the skin, stimulating its natural regeneration processes

A complex of vitamins and components, generally used in dermatology, helps the product to improve skin quality by slowing down aging. The essence inhibits the development of inflammation, speeds up the healing of wounds and sunburns.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is an intracellular mediator that maintains intracellular junctions and fights aging. Niacinamide reduces the synthesis of melanin, thus preventing the formation of pigmented spots and correcting uneven skin tone, prevents wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, stimulates intracellular metabolism, the synthesis of lipids and free fatty acids, supports skin barrier function, possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) contributes to the prevention of skin aging, stimulates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells, boosts cell regeneration, speeds up the synthesis of collagen, prevents structural degradation of collagen fibres, diminishes fine lines and helps keep your skin firm and smooth. Inhibits the development of inflammation, speeds up the healing of wounds, scratches, cuts and sunburns.

Tocopherol and Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) make wrinkles less noticeable, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, prevent pigmentation, slow down age-related sagginess of the skin. Vitamin E effectively promotes tissue regeneration, prevents scarring. Tocopherol is included in cosmetic products as a skin softening, moisturizing and tonifying agent, and it is especially beneficial for sensitive and reactive skin. The ingredient prevents pigmentation and fortifies capillary walls, which leads to the elimination of dilated blood vessels and reduces dark circles under eyes.

Tocopherol helps retain skin moisture and makes the skin more toned, boosts tissue regeneration, prevents the development of acne scars.

Pantenol (provitamin B5) stimulates metabolism, contributes to cell regeneration, perfectly moisturizes the skin and keeps moisture locked in. It also softens the skin and activates blood circulation.

Platinum delivers nutrients to the skin cells and normalizes the skin surface electric potential, which helps support the optimal level of hydration. Moreover, platinum helps protect the skin from the negative impact of ultraviolet and free radicals.

Succinyl atelocollagen is a highly purified form of collagen with improved solubility and enhanced hypoallergenic properties. It helps improve the skin elasticity and provides an excellent moisturizing effect.

Water-soluble collagen helps support elasticity and optimal hydration level of the skin, binds and locks in moisture.

Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid is a low-molecular form of hyaluronic acid. Unlike the usual form, the molecules of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid are not washed off by water and consequently penetrate deeper into the skin where they continue to function after cleansing.

Sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer (3D-hyaluronic acid) provides long-term hydration. A 3D molecular structure of hyaluronate crosspolymer holds molecules of hyaluronic acid firmly and releases them gradually. As a result, the molecules remain unsplit on skin surface for a longer period of time, which means they bind and retain moisture longer.

Traditional Japanese skincare components

The essence implements the best ideas of traditional Japanese skincare

Innovation achievements in the field of cosmetology and traditional ingredients work together to create the most delicate of serums in the classic line.

Rice bran oil softens and moisturizes the skin making it firmer, removes inflammation, prevents wrinkle formation and stimulates cell regeneration processes. It is a natural antioxidant containing ferulic acid, the only antioxidant, the activity of which is enhanced by ultraviolet irradiation, and gamma-oryzanol, an active ingredient that speeds up skin restoration processes and protects collagen fibres. Stimulates tissue regeneration, relieves irritation and leaves the skin silky smooth and matte. The oil is hypoallergenic, does not clog pores and can be applied onto the skin around eyes, unlike the majority of beauty oils that are not suitable for this area. Rice bran oil removes wrinkles and restores skin vitality. It is considered to be one of the best nutritive ingredients in classic cosmetology

Rice bran glycosphingolipids (rice ceramides) possess powerful moisturizing properties as they are capable of filling the spaces between epidermal cells, thus binding and locking in the moisture.

Sake sediment extract is a byproduct obtained by decomposition (fermentation) of rice in the process of brewing sake - a traditional Japanese beverage. The extract has a rejuvenescent effect as it contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that supply the skin with necessary nutrients and stimulate its regeneration. Moreover, sake sediment extract corrects uneven skin tone: free linoleic acid and arbutin found in the extract lighten the complexion by inhibiting pigmentation.

Soybean extract is an anti-inflammatory agent that softens and moisturizes the skin, supporting its elasticity.

Soya sterol. Phytosterols prominently resemble cell membrane components responsible for skin barrier functions. Possessing this property, soya sterol is used as a component for immediate restoration of skin’s lipid barrier. Phytosterols act as soothing and anti-inflammatory agents inhibiting the activity of leukotrienes, pro-inflammatory mediators that trigger inflammatory and allergic reactions.

Peptide complex and ceramides

Innovative ingredients for a combined anti-aging effect

Peptides stimulate intracellular metabolism and keep the skin toned, while ceramides and lecithin effectively protect it.

Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 fights skin inflammatory processes and their outcomes. After the age of 35, human body starts producing an increased amount of inflammatory mediators named interleukins, which suppresses the angenesis, leads to degradation of the skin matrix, wrinkle formation and loss of elasticity. Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 reduces interleukin production, which allows to impede skin inflammatory and aging processes.

Palmitoyl tripeptide-1 stimulates intracellular metabolism and tones up the skin.

Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 sustains skin elasticity.

Ceramides are natural lipids, main structural components of the skin barrier. Together with other lipids, such as cholesterol and fatty acids, ceramides prevent transepidermal water loss that may lead to dryness and dehydration of the skin. Also, ceramides act as a barrier protecting the skin against the penetration of bacteria and keeping out dirt from the environment. The level of ceramides in the stratum corneum of the skin decreases with age, and this is one of the reasons of age-related skin dryness.

Lecithin structurally resembles cell membrane phospholipids and creates a protective veil on the surface of the skin thus protecting it from dryness. Removing toxins, lecithin clearly affects the cell nutrition processes. The process of formation of new cells and regeneration of the damaged ones would have been impossible without lecithin.

Skin protecting components

Natural extracts and the most powerful antioxidants in the essence

Plant-derived ingredients can boost and support the ability of skin to regenerate itself as they protect the skin from negative environmental factors, irritants and internal stressors.

Fullerenes fight free radicals much more effectively than common antioxidants (for example, vitamins C and E). One common antioxidant molecule is used to destroy one free radical; it perishes while bonding with a free radical and forming a harmless compound. A fullerene molecule is capable of neutralizing hundreds of free radical molecules.

Ginseng extract stimulates metabolic processes in cells, tones up the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis improving the elasticity of the skin. Being an antioxidant, the ingredient protects the skin from photodamage and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Ginseng possesses skin regenerating properties and is capable of supporting a full-fledged cell metabolism and energy balance of skin cells.

Royal jelly extract is a moisturizing, wound healing and nutritious ingredient. Royal jelly is a biostimulant that contains amino acids, fructose, glucose, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, PP as well as plenty of minerals beneficial for the skin: calcium, magnesium, zinc, silver. Royal jelly proteins restore subcutaneous tissue, contributing to the elimination of fine lines. Moreover, royal jelly exerts natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

How to Use

Apply a small amount of essence (2-3 pump’s worth) over your face and skin with a cotton tissue or fingertips, using a light patting motion. Use day and (or) night after cleansing and lotion. The essence should be applied on damp skin after lotion before it fully absorbs. After the essence absorbs fully, apply creams or other nutritive and protective skincare products for face and eyes.

Safety Precautions

Do not use with injuries, edema, eczema, on irritated and inflamed skin. In case any individual intolerance of any component is suspected or discomfort or irritation occur, stop using the product and consult your dermatologist. Make sure to prevent the product from getting into your eyes.

If the product gets into your eyes, wash it away immediately with plenty of water. Do not store the product at extremely high or low temperatures, keep away from direct sunlight. Store in places inaccessible for children.

Our clients' reviews

не ради участия, а просто хочу написать - это один из моих любимых продуктов! спасибо )

Natalya Antonova, March 30, 2020

Каждый вечер после умывания беру в руку любимый флакончик, пару капель и их достаточно, поверьте) наношу на кожу, и в голове всегда всплывает одно из самых любимых стихотворений Мандельштама... Раньше я думала - о ком он говорил? кому посвятил такую ранимость и нежность?
А теперь я ассоциирую их с собой.
Ведь тут каждая строчка - про меня... теперь про меня, потому что Эссенция сделала моё лицо нежным... Мне приятно провести пальцами по щеке, аккуратно касаясь кожи подушечками пальцев - теперь гладкой и прозрачной... на ночь я дополню уход кремом для лица - и утром опять увижу в зеркале ту, о ком говорит великий поэт.
..это ли не чудо? И еще белее от White Serum... и нет предела совершенства.
Думаете, с какого продукта начать свою коллекцию? Эссенция - один из них, из первых, что бы через небольшое время после начала применения, ощутить эффект от ее действия и смело продолжить собрание коллекции шедевров косметического искусства Shiawasedo

Нежнее нежного
Лицо твоё,
Белее белого
Твоя рука,
От мира целого
Ты далека,
И все твое -
От неизбежного.

От неизбежного
Твоя печаль,
И пальцы рук
И тихий звук
И даль
Твоих очей.

Natalia Serdobova, November 26, 2019

Хорошо впитывается и питает кожу. Наношу утром и вечером. Никогда не жаловалась на качество своей кожи, но если забываю нанести, я это чувствую. Как будто, коже надо вдохнуть, а я не дала. Наверное, лучшая оценка эссенции то, что я буду ее покупать и в дальнейшем!

Светлана К, August 29, 2019

Добрый день, дорогие друзья! Я хотела бы поделиться с вами своей историей. Так случилось, что последний год я принимала курсы химиотерапии со всеми вытекающими....и я не знаю где и как бы я была сейчас, если бы не косметика Shiawasedo, а именно, эссенция! Моя кожа страдала страшно - все яды, естественным образом отражались на лице. А что такое для женщины ее лицо!? Это все - настроение, ощущение, чувствование, это отражение мира и отношения! В общем, эссенция навсегда поселилась в моей сумочке. Текстура продукта настолько нежная и легкая, что прикосновение пальцев к лицу почти не ощущается, мгновенно впитывается (а моя кожа просто сжирала ее). Я тоннами накладывала сыворотку на ночь, а наутро -никаких отеков, кожа светлая и разглаженная, но самое главное для меня, - она здоровая! Второе рождение я обрела в этом августе, распрощавшись навсегда с больницами, но, никогда - с любимым средством, с эссенцией SUMMUS! И сейчас, я продолжаю "терапию" любимым средством для лица! Больше скажу - благодаря эссенции ресницы растут более плотными и густыми, а кожа выглядит ровной, однородной по цвету, увлажненной и одновременно сияющей! Я благодарю всех, кто имеет отношение к созданию данного продукта и его распространению! Артур, спасибо! В тяжелое для меня время ваша косметика просто спасла меня! Это огромное удовольствие - быть ЖЕНЩИНОЙ, и быть обладательницей таких суперских продуктов для женщин!

Лариса Макарова, August 9, 2019

Пользуюсь эссенцией уже очень давно. У меня чувствительная кожа и кремовая текстура вызывает высыпания и закупорку пор. Гелевая форма эссенции помогает решить эти проблемы, и спасает меня.

Tatiana Belokon, July 25, 2019

Эссенция - это у меня номер 1 в уходе. Я понимаю, что главное - это очищение, но у меня именно эссенция используется всегда. Это тот продукт, который я не меняю. В очищении могу сменить масло, на мицелярку и тд, а эссенцию могу лишь дополнить другим уходом. Моя кожа полюбила ее и требует регулярно. Она увлажняет прекрасно, делает кожу более наполненной и ухоженной. Уверена, что эссенцию нужно обязательно иметь в своем уходе абсолютно всем.

Tania Usacheva, July 19, 2019

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