Momentum Neo 3D Face Mask


Momentum Neo

An intensive 3D-type face mask with momentary anti-aging effect

(5 masks in 1 pack)


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Treatment action

Because of its innovative formula as well as highly intensive ingredients, the Momentum Neo face mask serum effectively fights main skin-aging signs, has an immediate effect and, when used repeatedly and systematically, qualitatively improves skin condition. Momentum Neo is positioned as a “Cinderella face mask” in the product line - a face mask with an extremely powerful anti-aging effect.

Momentum Neo can be applied during morning skincare routine for an instant effect of a visibly better skin. This does not reduce the cumulative effect of the mask.

The ingredients of the mask support the barrier function of the epidermis, dermis and the corneal layer of the skin, intensively moisturize the skin improving its texture. The mask removes the consequences of negative environmental influences (ultraviolet radiation, dust, PM 2.5 fine particulate matter, exhaust gas) and inner factors (stress, hormonal imbalance, sebaceous glands disorders and sweat) that cause skin damage.

A complex of vitamins and nutrients in the mask serum supports main skin functions and restores skin’s ability to regenerate itself.

Treatment effect

Momentary effect

  • The mask tones up and revitalizes the skin.
  • Restores natural radiance.
  • Intensively moisturizes the skin and maintains its moisture balance for up to 48 hours after application.
  • Gently brightens, evens out the complexion, soothes irritation.
  • Protects the skin, prevents its damage from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other negative environmental stress, contains the most powerful antioxidant ingredients.

Cumulative effect

  • The mask has a pronounced anti-aging effect, makes already existing wrinkles less visible and prevents the formation of new ones.
  • Fixes uneven skin texture.
  • Restores skin elasticity. Possesses skin-lifting properties, fixes saggy face oval.
  • Prevents pigmentation and lightens the existing dark spots as well as spots caused by mechanical skin injuries.
  • Restores the hydrolipidic balance, prevents transepidermal water loss and dehydration, removes oily glare from the skin.

The mask provides a delicate treatment effect, does not contain mineral oils, animal fats, alcohol, synthetic perfumes, colorants and parabens that may cause irritation. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Anti-aging effect

Swiftlet nest extract is rich in amino acids and micronutrients, contains phosphorous, iron, calcium and iodine. Intensively nurtures the skin and restores skin immunity. Contains epidermal growth factor (a factor stimulating the regeneration of epithelial cells). Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells (keratinocytes, fibroblasts), energizes the skin and provides an overall rejuvenescent effect.

Atelocollagen has an outstanding skin-lifting effect, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin. Forms a protective veil on the skin surface and prevents moisture loss. The component contains 50% of elastoidin - one of the most effective types of collagen in today’s cosmetology. Atelocollagen is used for skin cultivation in medicine and cosmetology, it possesses powerful skin-regenerating properties. Atelocollagen is obtained by processing collagen with special enzymes - proteases, when the originally too large molecules are made smaller and their cell-penetrating properties are improved while physical and biochemical properties of the ingredient itself are kept almost intact, similar to those of the undissolved collagen fibres. Moreover, this type of processing has the advantage of averting the risk of allergic reaction. Collagen in the mask serum smooths out the skin, makes it transparent as well as improves its texture.

Hydrolyzed royal jelly protein boosts cellular immunity, restores membranes, activates metabolic processes of skin cells, improves the elasticity of muscle fibres.

Hydrolyzed lecithin is structurally similar to phospholipids in the cell membrane, it protects the skin from dryness creating a protective film on its surface. Has a pronounced effect on the cell nutrition and toxin elimination processes. The processes of cel division and regeneration of the damaged cells are not possible without lecithin.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) stimulates the synthesis of collagen and makes wrinkles less noticeable, prevents pigmentation, slows down age-related sagginess of the skin. Helps retain skin moisture and tones up the skin, boosts tissue regeneration, prevents development of acne scars. Also, vitamin E helps fortify capillary walls thus improving the condition of couperose skin and reducing redness.

Momentary effect

Kombucha is a byproduct of fermentation of tea fungus and black tea by two types of microorganisms: yeast fungi and bacteria. Kombucha fortifies subcutaneous lipid tissue, lifting it up from within and thus reducing fine lines. Because of high concentration of B vitamins, kombucha soothes irritated skin. Evens out skin complexion, brightens the skin reducing the intensity of olive undertone. Contains polyphenols that are natural antioxidants providing skin protection and slowing down skin aging processes.

Tangerine peel extract restores skin transparency. The ingredient enhances local cutaneous blood flow thus improving skin oxygenation and, accordingly, restoring skin’s original healthy complexion and elasticity. Moreover, intensive microcirculation prevents the formation of fine lines, pigmentation and other visible signs of aging.

Glycosyl trehalose effectively fights glycation (attachment to glucose, oxidation and damage) of proteins - the reason of yellow, earthy complexion, as well as keeps the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid in the mask serum for up to 48 hours.

Skin-penetrable marine collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) provides skin with beneficial protein fragments and relieves irritation, so it is an ingredient to be used in skincare products for dry and sensitive skin. Marine collagen quickly improves visual characteristics of the skin, making it more elastic and reducing flakiness. Moreover, applied onto the skin surface, it forms a protective film that is shrinking as it gets dry, and an instant skin-lifting effect is achieved.

Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate is a plant-derived natural component, a powerful moisturizing agent, molecules of which are capable of pulling and holding moisture from the air. Relieves irritation caused by aggressive surfactants, mechanical irritants, outcomes of negative ecological environment.

Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid is a low-molecular form of hyaluronic acid. Contrary to usual hyaluronic acid, molecules of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid are not washed off by water and, penetrating into the skin, continue to work even after the face is washed again.

Protective effect

Ceramides. Skin composition is one of the main functions of ceramides, they fill the intercellular space. The integrity of natural skin protective barrier is destroyed due to lack of ceramides or their bad quality. Also, ceramides protect the skin from penetration of toxins, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria.

Rosemary extract purifies pores, smooths rough skin and normalizes water balance, restores tightness and evens out skin texture.

Trehalose has a skin softening and stress-protective effect, works as a harmless preservative for other ingredients of the mask. Trehalose protects structural molecules of the skin, preventing their dry-out and deterioration. In extreme temperature conditions (both high and low) it acts like a cell-protecting shield and prevents the degradation of protein and cytoderm. This effect is used in medicine for the preservation of blood samples and internal organs for transplantation. In cosmetology, trehalose protects the skin from frost and heat, minimizes flakiness and redness

Glyceryl glucoside has a protective effect on the skin, enhancing antioxidant activity of cells, and also slows down the loss of dermal elasticity. In cosmetology, it is used to cure dry skin. Moisturizes the skin, forming intramolecular hydrogen bonds between water molecules inside the epidermal layer, prevents transepidermal water loss.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate is a biologically active natural component obtained from liquorice root. Helps reduce skin redness, irritation, relieves itchy skin and has a soothing effect. Suitable for sensitive skin. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent that controls sebum production. Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate-containing medications are effective against acute and chronic dermatitis.

Skin-restoring effect

Retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in epidermal cells and, in combination with vitamin C, stimulates the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts in dermis. Smooths out mimic wrinkles, controls sebum secretion and reduces skin oiliness as well as fortifies capillary walls.

Pantenol (vitamin B) together with other vitamins stimulates skin cell metabolism, speeds up the wound healing process and prevents the formation of fine lines.

Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C) easily penetrates through the corneal layer and acts as an antioxidant. Boosts natural collagen production, speeds up the wound healing process. It does not irritate the skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that nurtures and brightens the skin, helps reduce the signs of capillary fragility. Protects hyaluronic acid from degradation, provides skin with radiant glow.

Squalane improves skin elasticity, speeds up its regeneration, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Because of their natural resemblance to skin lipids, molecules of squalane are easily absorbed into the skin, «transporting» moisture and other beneficial substances to deeper layers and thus alleviating the symptoms of dehydrated and sensitive skin and smoothing out skin texture. Also, squalane boosts cellular immunity and intensively restores skin corneal layer, enhancing the skin permeation of vitamins and other ingredients of the mask.

How to use

Use the mask after washing and applying lotion.

After removing the mask, apply face cream or any other daily skincare item (essence or serum) onto your face skin.

To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to use the mask 2-3 times per week.


  1. Before applying the mask, clean the facial skin carefully.
  2. Take the mask out of the pack and unfold by pulling the special protruding edges in the upper part.
  3. Apply the mask on your face. The mask center line must be aligned with the center of your face. Press the mask with your palms slightly so that it would thoroughly cling around your face.
  4. Unbend the mask extended edges provided with cuts in both cheeks area and put the mask lower part on your neck. By holding onto the extended edges, pull the mask up along face lines to provide the tight fit.
  5. Remove the fabric base in 10-15 minutes and lightly massage the face, distributing leftover serum on the skin.


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Safety precautions

Do not use with damages, oedema, eczema, irritation and other skin problems. If discomfort or irritation occurs, stop using the product and consult your dermatologist. Make sure to prevent the product from getting into your eyes. If the product has gotten into your eyes, wash it away immediately with plenty of water. Do not store the product at very high or low temperatures, keep away from direct sunlight. Store in places inaccessible for children.

Our clients' reviews

Недавно подруга позвала к хорошему косметологу сделать биоревитализацию или ещё там чего. Косметолог посмотрела на мое лицо и сказала, что мне незачем. Кожа хорошо увлажнена и в целом в хорошем состоянии. Мне 38. Люблю честных косметологов. Обожаю косметику Summus!

Maria Semenova, May 23, 2022

Это реально работает. Я много летаю по работе и часто прям с трапа самолета у меня выступление перед большой женской аудиторией. И теперь эта маска всегда со мной. Эффект волшебный. Выглядишь, как будто только вернулась с отпуска😉. Спасибо.

Sura Levintov, April 15, 2022

Именно с масок когда-то началась моя любовь к продукции Shiawasedo, причем подсказал мне о существовании этой компании и ее чудо-масках мой отчим, который совершенно не интересуется косметикой, при этом случайно наткнулся на страницу уважаемого Артура, стал все читать, изучать, проникся доверием к продукции и заказал нам с мамой маски. Они действительно самые действенные и самые лучшие для меня (мне есть, с чем сравнить, я до этого покупала и пробовала огромное количество масок разных брендов и ценовых категорий), очень нравится не только состав, но и их форма, благодаря которой ухаживаешь одновременно за кожей лица и шеи. У меня всегда есть небольшой запас масок Classic Pro, Momentum Neo и Relax Pro Cleansing. Спасибо Shiawasedo за качественную гипоаллергенную продукцию!

Diana, April 15, 2022

Это космос! Описать словами невозможно, надо пробовать! Эффект превосходит все ожидания, хотя я очень недоверчива к описанию и рекламе! У меня развилась зависимость от этого продукта!

Olga Morozova, January 15, 2021

Великолепные маски. Они стали в первом ряду любимых. Кожа после них невероятная, как будто я побывала в отеле на море и отдыхала там, по крайней мере, месяц, посещая спа процедуры..))

Tania Usacheva, December 22, 2020

Горячо рекомендую Momentum Neo! Это маска must-have, спасёт лицо даже при большой усталости и недосыпе. У маски свежий, очень лёгкий запах. Когда лежишь, ощущается, как маска начинает мгновенно действовать. Я сняла её через 15 минут, помассировала, глянула в зеркало. Эффект - за 15 минут пропали отёки, кожа стала матовой, заметно посвежела, сияла здоровым блеском. На ощупь кожа стала глаже, приятнее. Девочки, это такое красивое ощущение, это то, что хочется себе дарить и дарить!

Nafisa, December 18, 2020

Потрясающая маска!!! Получила ее в качестве таинственной коробки и ни разу не пожалела. Маска для тех событий, когда хочется быть самой красивой;)
Но самое кайфовое позволить себе сделать ее в обычный день, когда приходишь уставшая с работы, потухший взгляд и усталость во всем теле..
Идёшь в душ, а после стоишь и думаешь: «А почему бы и не подарить себе праздник!» Делаешь массажик лица и открываешь эту волшебную маску) А пока она работает, зажигаешь свечи, наливаешь бокал вина и просто кайфуешь от момента! А дальше магия - снимаешь маску и кожа все напитанная, свежая, отдохнувшая! Подтягиваются заломы, мелкие морщинки и начинаешь любить себя заново!
Спасибо вам большое за чудесные моменты!

Людмила Васильева, December 10, 2020

Моментум– моя любимейшая маска. Это anti-age, lifting, detox в одном флаконе. Momentum Neo – это то же самое, но в три раза больше. Только строгое лицо Артура в моем воображении мешает лежать с этой маской полчаса и больше (когда-то он писал строгий пост о том, сколько нужно лежать с маской и почему больше 15 минут это бессмысленно и даже не нужно).

Victoria Taran, August 22, 2020

Бывают моменты, когда когда нужно выглядеть красивой (еще красивее!) - сейчас! Маска Summus Momentum Pro дает великолепный эффект: моментально восстанавливает тонус и естественное сияние кожи. Мягко осветляет кожу и выравнивает тон. У Маска так же есть ярко выраженный антивозрастной эффект: восстанавливает эластичность кожи, уменьшает глубину существующих морщин и предупреждает появление новых. Обладает лифтинг-эффектом, подтягивает контур лица. Подходит для чувствительной кожи. Поэтому маска Summus Momentum Pro особенно необходима дамам за 35, когда хочется привести себя в порядок, после длительных дорог, резкой смены климата мест отдыха ( работы) и праздников. Вообщем, должна эта маска быть у вас в косметичке и чемодане. Рекомендую.

Светлана Куликова, August 23, 2019

Очередное волшебство - маска, которая преображает кожу лица и не просто придает тебе уверенность, а подтверждает, что магия продукта существует ...
Не знаю как это работает, но я рада, что причастна к этому чуду!

Ольга Вершинина, August 4, 2019

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