Double Cleansing

A set of products for deep pore purification and skin turgor improvement

Summus Elena Cleansing Set

[Cleansing Milk + Purifying Foam]



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Cleansing Milk

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Purifying Foam

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Peculiarities of treatment action

Double cleansing brings about the qualitative improvement in a broad spectrum of skin conditions from its hydration level and turgor up to texture.

The first step of cleansing removes makeup, sunscreen and leftover sebum from the skin - these are all oil-soluble impurities that can not be completely eliminated by simply washing your face. The second step deeply cleanses the pores with the foam, completely removing any impurities from the skin and supporting its natural protective barrier.

The first step—Cleansing Milk

Treatment effect

  • Softly wrapping the skin and delicately removing impurities, the milk does not trigger excessive mechanical damage of the skin.
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Oil-based components are immediately emulsified when the milk is rinsed off with water, so the impurities do not clog pores again and are effectively removed.
  • The milk supports natural skin protective barrier and does not cause transepidermal water loss.
  • Soothes irritated and hypersensitive skin.
  • Speeds up the recovery of mechanically damaged and inflamed skin.

Does not contain artificial colorants, perfumes and harmful aggressive components. The product is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive, allergy-prone and dehydrated skin.

Ingredients boosting the treatment action of the milk

Tocopherol (vitamin E) stimulates the synthesis of collagen and makes wrinkles less noticeable, prevents pigmentation, slows down age-related sagginess of the skin. Helps retain skin moisture and tones up the skin, boosts tissue regeneration, prevents development of acne scars. Also, vitamin E helps fortify capillary walls thus improving the condition of couperose skin and reducing puffiness under the eyes.

Squalene is a lipid naturally present in the skin’s protective barrier. Sebaceous glands produce squalene that stays close to the skin’s surface supporting its barrier function. The amount of naturally produced squalene increases until the age of 23 and then gradually starts to decrease. By the age of 50 the amount of squalene in skin sebum is usually not higher than 5%. Squalene is a component with the highest compatibility, it immediately penetrates the skin providing softness and hydration and is especially beneficial for dry, cracked and flaky skin. Squalene also helps prevent pigmentation (including age-related pigmentation) and damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Yeast extract stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and other components of connective tissue, has a deep moisturizing effect.

The second step—Purifying Foam

Treatment effect

  • When mixed with water, the product develops into a moussy texture, penetrating deep into the pores and cleaning them from inside.
  • Prevents blackheads and inflammation.
  • Does not damage natural skin protective barrier, supports its lipid balance and prevents transepidermal water loss.
  • Restores skin turgor.
  • Evens out the skin tone, reduces redness, possesses a soft anti-couperose effect.
  • Can be used to treat hypersensitive skin, has a soothing effect.

The foam does not contain artificial colorants, perfumes and harmful aggressive components. The product is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive, allergy-prone and dehydrated skin.

Ingredients boosting the treatment effect of the foam

Fatty acids obtained from palm and coconut oils contribute to dense thick lather. This lather prevents mechanical skin damage resulting from rubbing during cleansing, does not dry out the skin and naturally supports its protective barrier.

Lecithin is structurally similar to phospholipids in the cell membrane, protects the skin from dryness creating a protective film on its surface. Has a pronounced effect on the cell nutrition and toxin elimination processes. The process of cell division and regeneration is not possible without lecithin.

Liposomal soy isoflavones work as an analogue of estrogens - female sex hormones. Estrogens have a profound influence on the condition of the skin. An estrogen level decline leads to dryness, dullness and decreased elasticity. Soy isoflavones can bind with estrogen receptors inside the skin and have a complex rejuvenescent effect supporting skin elasticity and radiance, as well as prevent the decreased collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis resulting from the low level of female sex hormones. Liposomal soy isoflavones are characterized by better penetrability.

Fermented pearl coix seeds extract increases biosynthesis of ceramides - components responsible for natural hydration of the skin. As a result, skin barrier function improves keeping the skin hydrated. The extract has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and antiseptic properties. Pearl coix is a source of vitamins and minerals for skin cells. It contains amino acids (glutamic acid), unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), A, E, C and B-group vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium. The plant is well-known in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for skin purifying and brightening for many centuries. Nowadays the extract is applied in medicine for the treatment of dermatitis, including allergic dermatitis. Pearl coix extract heals small wounds and fights pigmentation as well as prevents formation of new spots.

The principle of action of the Summus Elena skincare products

An innovative approach to the penetrability of components

Products of fermentation constitute an essential part of the traditional Japanese cuisine. It has been found that fermented products are better digested, their nutritional value being much higher. This specific principle has been successfully applied in cosmetology to enhance the effectiveness of treatment ingredients.

An innovative approach to the combination of components

The ingredients of the new line work together enhancing the effectiveness of each other. A component based on two fermented ingredients (sake kasu, or fermented sake lees, and a fermented pearl coix seeds extract) reverses dull skin and accelerates the production of ceramides thus providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Sake kasu is rich in peptides, amino acids, vitamins and other nutritive substances. The amazake drink called “a drinking serum” in cosmetology is prepared by dissolving sake kasu in water.

The extract used in Summus Elena skincare products is obtained from sake kasu with the help of yeast; combined with sakura extract, it helps normalize the skin cell cycle and removes skin dullness.

An innovative approach to the action of components

The ingredients used in the cosmetic line, enhance and support skin’s natural regenerative and protective mechanisms, activity of which gradually declines with age.

The multi-layered yaezakura extract enhances the synthesis of the type 17 collagen which is necessary for basal cells division, helps normalize the cell cycle, thus smoothing the skin and evening out its tone.

A functional amino acid-based peptide improves skin’s ability to cope with the environmental stress. It inhibits the activity of plasmin and enhances skin’s resilience by making it less sensitive and preventing irritation.

AQUALIZER-IIB is an exclusive component developed by Summus laboratory, it is an effective concentration of a fermented Schizosaccharomyces yeast filtrate extract.

Because of high content of B-group vitamins, the component acts as a cell metabolism activator which stimulates oxygenation (oxygen saturation) and makes the skin renewal process faster and more effective.

AQUALIZER-IIB regulates the lipid and protein metabolism, providing control in the oiliness and dryness of skin, helps stimulate the activity of fibroblasts - cells which are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin - structural proteins of the skin. Normalization and support of epidermal regeneration contributes to normalization of the skin’s cornified layer thus enhancing skin’s barrier functions.

How to use

The first step:

  • Take a small amount of the milk and massage it all over your face.
  • When the milk blends into makeup, thoroughly rinse it off with lukewarm or cold water.
  • When in contact with water, oil-based components of the cleansing milk are immediately emulsified, so the impurities do not clog the pores again and are effectively removed.

The second step:

  • Take a small amount of the foam in your palm and tap with fingertips to create a good lather, adding lukewarm water if necessary.
  • The skin must be damp before applying the product.
  • Using circular motions massage the face and neck skin carefully, working from the center of the face outwards and paying particular attention to hairline, the ala of the nose and chin contour. The process of cleansing your skin with the foam should not be shorter than 20-30 seconds.
  • Thoroughly wash away the remaining foam from the skin.

Download the instructions

Safety precautions

Do not use with oedema, eczema and other skin problems. In case of discomfort or irritation stop using the product and consult your dermatologist.

Make sure to prevent the product from getting into your eyes. If the product has gotten into your eyes, wash it away immediately with plenty of water.

Do not store the product at very high or low temperatures, keep away from direct sunlight. Store in places inaccessible for children.

Our clients' reviews — Purifying Foam

Ой это моя любовь ) использую как с молочком так и без ) Нежность в каждом прикосновении. Не представляю как без него буду (

Виктория Нагребецкая, August 10, 2022

Хорошая вещь. Было бы здорово, если бы она осталась в списке постоянных продуктов фирмы.

Tatiana Podstolnaya, July 30, 2022

Моя любимая и неповторимая! Пенится как в сказке, смывает всё абсолютно. Кожа будто её подменили, чуть ли не "скрипит" от чистоты, НО, при этом и не намёка на ощущение пересушенности. И такое бывает )). Продукт на все времена и случаи жизни, всегда со мной, неизменно в личном списке ТОП -3. Просто фанатею !

Marina Sepping, April 21, 2022

Я бы хотела прежде всего сказать несколько общих
слов о продуктах Shiawasedo. Я обратила внимание на эту продукцию через посты Артура на Facebook, и решила попробовать, приобретя несколько продуктов. Я достаточно избалованный клиент, пользовалась и люксовой косметикой, затем перешла на профессиональную. Не буду говорить про потрясающий эффект Shiawasedo. Но никогда такого не было, я реально жду утро и вечер , чтобы поухаживать за своим лицом. Это реально наслаждение. Раньше бывало я могла быть настолько уставшей или просто не хватало времени нанести сыворотку и крем. ( я достаточно много работаю с людьми и мама семерых детей). А сейчас такого просто не может быть! Утро начинается с пенки, затем филер и молочко. И перед сном обязательный ритуал. Весь процесс меня заряжает и наполняет. Приятное и нежное на ощупь лицо вызывает у меня состояние внутренней гармонии и красоты. И лучше себя баловать продуктами Shiawasedo, чем вкусненьким😉. Я даже немного похудела, так как балую себя "правильно", и когда смотрю на свои баночки изумрудные, синие, фиолетовые и красные мое лицо расплывается в улыбке. Спасибо 🙏
И пенка замечательная. Мои дочки все ее полюбили.( четверо, другие ещё маленькие).

Sura Levintov, April 18, 2022

Пенка Summus - королева очищающих средств. Мне хватает крошечного количества, которое я выдавливаю на руку, затем смешиваю с водой и вспениваю. Несмотря на свою нежную текстуру, пенка глубоко очищает, не пересушивая кожу лица. После умывания на коже ощущение и лёгкий аромат свежести, схожее с утренним бризом или только что прошедшей весенней грозой.

Nafisa, February 9, 2021


Our clients' reviews — Cleansing Milk

О каждом продукте этой компании можно писать любовные романы ) Попробовав однажды любой ! Продукт этой компании , вы больше не захотите ей изменять ) Молочко - это сама нежность 💕ни чего подобного раньше не пробовала . Каждый раз пользуясь этой косметикой наполняешься благодарностью к ее создателям🥰

Виктория Нагребецкая, August 10, 2022

Я не знаю, как для тех кто помоложе, но для меня, - очищающее молочко Summus Elena , стало первой ступенькой к возврату в молодость! И это не метафора ! Конечно, это удивительное средство, является всего лишь первым маленьким шагом, из ряда уникальных продуктов Summus Elena по уходу за лицом. Но очень быстро , ты начинаешь понимать, что это фундамент, который поможет тебе еще долго радоваться глядя на себя по утрам в зеркало ! Бархатистая гладкая кожа, исчезнувшие куда-то морщинки! Отсюда настроение! Отсюда радость в жизни! И красота! Смотрю в зеркало и мысленно благодарю людей , способных создавать такие уникальные и необходимые для нас продукты !
Спасибо огромное!!!

Lidmila Bykova, September 4, 2020

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