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Eye Cream


Summus Elena Eye Cream

An intensive nourishing skin firming cream, 20 g

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Product characteristics

The eye cream effectively addresses two main problems of the eyelid skin: wrinkles and dullness («dark circles» under the eyes). The cream contains a blend of nourishing and moisturizing components and is a universal product developed to provide intensive treatment and protection to the skin around eyes.

Our eyes blink approximately 15000 times a day and consequently are in a constant state of being tired which speeds up the development of the skin ageing signs. Moreover, eyelids have considerably fewer oil glands compared to other areas of the face, so eyelid skin is very poorly protected, easily damaged and is prone to dehydration.

  • Poor blood circulation leads to skin dullness and the formation of “dark circles” under the eyes.
  • Dehydration and thinning of the skin cause wrinkle appearance, and the already existing ones become more visible.

The eye cream delivers abundant moisture to the skin around the eyes, tightening and plumping it up. Film-forming skin smoothing components and skin smoothing adhesives iron out wrinkles and tighten the skin.

Treatment phases

  1. The smoothing veil envelopes the skin surface, providing instant silky-smooth finish and radiance.
  2. A light massage helps improve blood circulation in the eyelids, removing dark circles and dullness. A skin-smoothing veil provides effortless glide protecting collagen fibres from damage.
  3. Moisturizing components of the cream are “locked” in the skin and thus work longer and more intensely, resulting in a cumulative effect and restoring tightness and elasticity of the skin.

Treatment Effect

  • Immediately smooths out the skin, bringing out its radiance and making even deep wrinkles and a lower eyelid skin fold near the orbital bone less visible.
  • If used regularly, prevents the formation of fine lines and smooths out the already existing ones.
  • Provides a complex skin-lifting effect, makes the skin firmer and improves elasticity.
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture loss.
  • Effectively improves dullness, evens out the skin tone, removes “dark circles” under the eyes.
  • Creates a protective veil on the surface of the skin.
  • Smoothing adhesive components in the cream formula work to protect skin from damage that may occur during application of the cream and eyelid massage.
  • The cream prevents eyelid skin from aggressive environment-related damage.
  • Boosts and speeds up natural regeneration processes of the skin.

Does not contain artificial colorants, perfumes and harmful aggressive components. Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

The principle of action of the Summus Elena skincare products

An innovative approach to the penetrability of components

Products of fermentation constitute an essential part of the traditional Japanese cuisine. It has been found that fermented products are better digested, their nutritional value being much higher. This specific principle has been successfully applied in cosmetology to enhance the effectiveness of treatment ingredients.

An innovative approach to the combination of components

The ingredients of the new line work together enhancing the effectiveness of each other. A component based on two fermented ingredients (sake kasu, or fermented sake lees, and a fermented pearl coix seeds extract) reverses dull skin and accelerates the production of ceramides thus providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Sake kasu is rich in peptides, amino acids, vitamins and other nutritive substances. The amazake drink called “a drinking serum” in cosmetology is prepared by dissolving sake kasu in water.

The extract used in Summus Elena skincare products is obtained from sake kasu with the help of yeast; combined with sakura extract, it helps normalize the skin cell cycle and removes skin dullness.

An innovative approach to the action of components

The ingredients used in the cosmetic line, enhance and support skin’s natural regenerative and protective mechanisms, activity of which gradually declines with age.

The multi-layered yaezakura extract enhances the synthesis of the type 17 collagen which is necessary for basal cells division, helps normalize the cell cycle, thus smoothing the skin and evening out its tone.

Liposomal soy isoflavones work as hormonal balance normalizing component which suppresses the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid in skin’s inner layers resulting from the decrease in the estrogen level, and makes skin firm and radiant.

A functional amino acid-based peptide improves skin’s ability to cope with the environmental stress. It inhibits the activity of plasmin and enhances skin’s resilience by making it less sensitive and preventing irritation.

AQUALIZER-IIB is an exclusive component developed by Summus laboratory, it is an effective concentration of a fermented Schizosaccharomyces yeast filtrate extract. Contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sugars, proteins and other elements necessary for the skin, activates skin cells and moisturizes the skin.

Ingredients boosting the treatment action of the eye cream

Rice leaf extract. The component is obtained from rice leaves harvested before spikelets appear, i.e. during the period when the antioxidant potential of the plant is at its highest level. The extract inhibits the cell damage induced by UV radiation and other stressors, helps avert wrinkle formation and prevents the existing ones from getting any worse. The extract is especially effective against “crow’s feet”— fine lines spreading from the outer corner of the eye.

Trehalose softens the skin and protects it from stress, acting as a safe preservative for other components. Trehalose protects structural molecules of the skin, preventing their dry-out and deterioration. In extreme temperature conditions (both high and low), it acts like a cell-protecting shield and prevents the degradation of protein and cytoderm. This effect is used in medicine for the preservation of blood samples and internal organs for transplantation. In cosmetology, trehalose protects the skin from frost and heat, minimizes flakiness and redness.

Beeswax reduces wrinkles, helps retain moisture and makes the skin appear smooth and matte. Delivers vitamins and fatty acids to deep layers of the skin without clogging the pores. Rich in bactericides, beeswax fights all types of inflammation. Brightens the skin and prevents pigmentation.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) stimulates the synthesis of collagen and makes wrinkles less noticeable, prevents pigmentation, slows down age-related sagginess of the skin. Helps retain skin moisture and tones up the skin, boosts tissue regeneration, prevents development of acne scars. Also, vitamin E helps fortify capillary walls thus improving the condition of couperose skin and reducing redness.

Lecithin is structurally similar to phospholipids in the cell membrane, it protects the skin from dryness creating a protective film on its surface. Has a pronounced effect on the cell nutrition and toxin elimination processes. The processes of cel division and regeneration of the damaged cells are not possible without lecithin.

Fermented pearl coix seed extract increases biosynthesis of ceramides - components responsible for natural hydration of the skin. As a result, skin barrier function improves keeping the skin hydrated. The extract has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and antiseptic properties. Pearl coix is a source of vitamins and minerals for skin cells. It contains amino acids (glutamic acid), unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), A, E, C and B-group vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium. The plant is well-known in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for skin purifying and brightening for many centuries. Nowadays the extract is applied in medicine for the treatment of dermatitis, including allergic dermatitis. Pearl coix extract heals small wounds and fights pigmentation as well as prevents formation of new spots.

How to use

Using a spatula, take a small amount of the cream from the jar and rub it between your thumb and ring finger to warm up and to enhance absorption.

Apply the cream onto the orbital bone.

The cream should be spread along a circle around your eye: starting from the inner corner and moving along the upper eyelid outwards to the outer corner, and then along the lower eyelid, moving from the outer corner of the eye inwards to the inner corner.

Using the ring finger, spread the cream with a tapping motion, paying particular attention to the corners of the eyes and to the wrinkle formation areas.

Application tips

  • The eye cream should be applied as the last step of the skincare routine, after cleansing and applying serum (optional).
  • In case you use serums or intensive gels to complement your skincare routine, make sure they are fully absorbed by the skin before applying the eye cream.
  • Do not touch your skin with the spatula. After each application, wipe the spatula off with a dry tissue.
  • Use the minimum amount of the cream. If there is any leftover residue on your skin 15 minutes after application, blot it with a dry tissue.
  • If you use the cream at night, apply it 1-1.5 hr before bed. This will allow the cream to work more effectively.


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Safety precautions

Do not use with oedema, eczema and other skin damage. In case of discomfort or irritation stop using the product and consult your dermatologist.

Make sure to prevent the product from getting into your eyes. If the product has gotten into your eyes, wash it away immediately with plenty of water.

Do not store the product at very high or low temperatures, keep away from direct sunlight. Store in places inaccessible for children.

Our clients' reviews

Что хочу восторженно рассказать об этом креме.
1. Его много.
2. Он уплотняет кожу век, мне 48 лет и я взрослая .
3. Тени и карандаш , даже чёрный держатся, ложатся хорошо, весь день сохраняется макияж.
4. Рекомендую к покупке и себе и на подарок.
5. И маленькая лопаточка помогает аккуратно взять нужное небольшое количество крема.
Большое спасибо за эту разработку.

Ольга НАЗАРОВА, July 10, 2021

Какое же чудо этот Ваш новый продукт ! Я меньше чем за неделю использования уже вижу результаты. Невероятные... Смотрю в зеркало и не могу поверить. Это оказалось тем, что нужно прямо конкретно моей истончённой коже за 50. Я в качестве самоуспокоения уже себе давно объяснила, что это тот случай когда ничего не поделаешь : крупные глазные впадины, высокие ярко выраженные скулы... чего же ты хочешь, 1/8 азиатка )))? А теперь хочу 10 банок. А куплено только две. Надо писать письмо Дедушке Морозу :-) Огромная благодарность за Ваш волшебный труд !

Marina Sepping, September 26, 2020

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