Summus Elena Night Essence


Summus Elena Night Essence

an intensive protective and skin restoring serum, 50 ml




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Peculiarities of the product

The ingredients included in the essence allow to deliver moisturizing components to the deep skin layers without leaving a greasy residue on the surface of the skin.

Evenly applied, the essence makes the skin feel gently moisturized because of its soothing and softening components. The skin instantly becomes firmer.

An anti-inflammatory component (glycyrrhizinate dipotassium) included in the essence protects the skin from inflammation and irritation.

The night essence contains a natural active agent lecithin, the structure of which is similar to that of the phospholipids forming the cell membrane, and that naturally protects the skin from dryness.

Treatment effect

  • The essence moisturizes the skin and supports its moisture balance throughout the night.
  • Protects from transepidermal water loss and negative environment (dry and hot air, dust).
  • Soothes the skin and prevents inflammation and irritation.
  • Tones the skin and restores its firmness.
  • Provides healthy radiance and transparency.
  • Speeds up and supports natural restoration of the skin throughout the night.


The essence does not contain artificial colouring agents, perfumes and harsh skin-damaging components. The product is hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Principle of the effect and ingredients, common for all Summus Elena cosmetic line products

An innovative approach to the penetrability of components

Products of fermentation constitute a part of the traditional Japanese cuisine. It has been found long ago that fermented products are better digested, their nutrition value being much higher. This specific principle has also been successfully applied in cosmetology to enhance the efficiency of treatment ingredients.

An innovative approach to the combination of components

An innovative approach to the combination of components

Ingredients of the new cosmetic line products work, at the same time enhancing the activity of each other. A component based on two fermented ingredients (fermented sake lees—sake kasu and fermented pearl coix extract) reverses dull skin and accelerates the production of ceramides thus providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Sake kasu is rich in peptides, amino acids, vitamins and other nutritive substances. The amazake drink which is called “a drinking serum” in cosmetology, is prepared by dissolving sake kasu in water.

The extract used in Summus Elena skincare products is obtained from sake kasu with the help of yeast; combined with sakura extract, it helps normalize the skin cell cycle and removes skin dullness.

The extract used in Summus Elena skincare products is obtained from sake kasu with the help of yeast; combined with sakura extract, it helps normalize the skin cell cycle and removes skin dullness.

An innovative approach to the action of components

The ingredients used in the cosmetic line, enhance and support skin’s natural regenerative and protective mechanisms, activity of which gradually declines with age.

The multi-layered yaezakura extract enhances the synthesis of the type 17 collagen which is necessary for basal cells division, helps normalize the cell cycle, thus smoothing the skin and evening its tone.

Soy isoflavone liposomes are components necessary for the normalization of hormonal imbalances, they make the skin firm and radiant and inhibit the decrease of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the inner layers of the skin resulting from the decrease of estrogen level.

An amino acid-derived functional peptide enhances skin’s ability to cope with stress caused by negative environment. It suppresses the action of plasmin, increasing skin resilience and preventing irritation.

AQUALIZER-IIB is an exclusive component developed by Shiawasedo laboratory, it is an effective concentration of a fermented Schizosaccharomyces yeast filtrate extract. The component contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sugars and other elements necessary for the skin, activates skin cells and provides hydration.

Special ingredients enhancing the treatment effect of the night essence

Houttuynia extract is an extract of a traditional Japanese medical herb. Inhibits glycation which causes skin ageing, and prevents skin sagging.

Glycirrhizinate dipotassium is a soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredient successfully applied in medicine to treat dermatitis. Relieves skin irritation resulting from negative environment including ultraviolet, and from mechanical damage (contact dermatitis), effectively protects the skin and prevents inflammation.

Lecithin is structurally similar to cell membrane phospholipids, it protects the skin from dryness by creating a protective film on the skin surface. Has a pronounced effect on the cell nutrition processes, eliminating toxins. Formation of new cells and regeneration of damaged cells are not possible without lecithin.

How to use

Apply the essence on the face and neck area after cleansing and lotion, working from the centre of the face outwards. The essence is recommended for the daily nighttime skincare routine. Use a cotton tissue to apply the essence more evenly on the skin.

Safety Precautions

Do not use with oedema, eczema and other skin damage. In case of discomfort or irritation stop using the product and consult your dermatologist.

Make sure to prevent the product from getting into your eyes. If the product has gotten into your eyes, wash it away immediately with plenty of water.

Do not store the product at very high or low temperatures, keep away from direct sunlight. Store in places inaccessible for children.

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