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Treatment Pro

A professional serum for shine and strengthening of damaged hair, 150 g

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How it Works

Treatment Pro is a serum intended for regular hair care. The innovative formula of the product allows to apply it on both wet and dry hair, facilitating combing, making hair shiny and smooth, as well as protecting it from damage.

Three types of keratin in the product allow to glow up even extremely dry and discolored hair. When exposed to heat (e.g. during hot styling), the components of the serum start interacting with the hair, repairing it from the inside out. Thus, exposure to heat, which normally damages the hair, becomes beneficial with Treatment Pro.

Treatment Effect

  • Instantly smooths the surface of the hair, making it soft and silky
  • Eliminates and prevents dryness, the feeling of "squeaky" clean hair after washing
  • Restores the structure of damaged hair, smoothing it and bringing back its shine
  • Effectively fights split ends and hair loss
  • If used regularly, increases the elasticity and density of hair, slows down age-related thinning
  • Protects hair during styling, prevents tangling and mechanical damage

The treatment is suitable for damaged and color-treated hair, as well as for sensitive scalp. Does not contain mineral oils, ethanol, synthetic colorants, UV absorbing substances, sulfates.

Smoothing and Shine

The three types of keratin in the treatment allow you to strengthen your hair from the inside and bring back its elasticity and shine

Hydrolyzed keratin smooths hair and restores its elasticity, eliminating stiffness and breakage caused by daily damage resulting from exposure to UV irradiation, combing, drying and other factors.

Hydroxypropyltrimonium hydrolyzed keratin is a PPT keratin transformed for practical use through a special technology that has made it possible to break down the same keratin protein found in hair and scalp to a molecular weight suitable for damage care.

The component is very close to the molecule of natural keratin, so it is capable of enveloping the damaged area of the hair. This boosts the repair and protection effect. Also, boasting a rare amino acid balance, the component perfectly retains both hydrophilic components (e.g. sugar and amino acids) and hydrophobic components (sebum), preventing dryness and damage of the hair.

Potassium cocoyl hydrolyzed keratin reduces fading of color-treated hair and repairs the cuticle of damaged hair. Makes the hair elastic and moisturizes it.

Protection and Repair

The serum provides a comprehensive protection of hair and scalp from the negative effects of the environment and external irritating factors

Gamma-docosalactone is a component of plant origin (derived from rapeseed). When exposed to heat (e.g., hot styling), the component starts interacting with the hair, bonding with it and repairing it. It solves the problem of open (curled up) hair cuticle and tackles various problems that increase with age, such as frizz, tangled, unruly hair with lack of elasticity.

Due to the fact that the component regenerates the hair from the inside, its effect is long-lasting and lasts after the next hair wash.

Macadamia oil restores the lipid barrier of the scalp and is necessary for nourishing, giving the hair volume and shine and preventing hair loss. The oil strengthens and moisturizes hair, smooths its structure, heals and nourishes the hair weakened by color-treatment, bleaching, perms.

Phellodendron amurense is an anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient. Glows up the hair and facilitates combing.

Arginine is beneficial for hair roots, it strengthens and smoothes the hair shaft.

Tocopherol (vitamin E) is an antioxidant, which prevents oxidation of keratin and maintains hair elasticity. Reduces scalp dryness, eliminates itch and peeling.

How to Use

Treatment Pro can be applied on both dry and wet hair

As a basic care, after washing your hair, apply a small amount, working from roots to tips and dry your hair in your usual way.

Treatment Pro can be used as a leave-in item. We recommend using it as a leave-in serum if your hair is severely damaged, color-treated, bleached or have split ends.

If you choose to rinse off the product, leave it on wet hair for 3-5 minutes to work, then rinse with warm or cool water. Please do not use hot water for your hair.

As an additional intensive care, apply the treatment on the ends of the hair or on the whole length, if the hair lacks shine and elasticity. After 3-5 minutes, you can style your hair with a blow dryer or a flat iron. Hot styling will enhance the effect of the serum.

Safety Precautions

Do not use on skin with oedema, eczema and other conditions. If any discomfort or irritation occur, stop using the product and consult your dermatologist. Make sure to prevent the product from getting into your eyes. If the product has gotten into your eyes, wash it away immediately with plenty of water.

Do not store the product at extremely high or low temperatures, keep away from direct sunlight. Store in places inaccessible for children.