Weekend 3D Face Mask


Summus Weekend

Intensive 3D-mask that evens out skin tone

(5 masks in a pack)



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Principle of the effect

By combining innovative components and traditional achievements in cosmetology, the mask provides the immediate effect of smoothing the skin texture, lifting and evening-out the skin tone. It protects the skin and helps to overcome different stress factors caused by the environment and body. Your skin needs rest? Give it a weekend!

Treatment action

  • The mask evens out the skin tone instantly and makes it shine.
  • Provides immediate lifting effect.
  • Smoothes the skin texture, softens or removes flaking.
  • When applies regularly, it returns skin elasticity and plasticity.
  • Protects the skin from all main stress factors, external and internal as well.
  • Prevents the emergence of mimic wrinkles.
  • Reduces the depth of the existing static wrinkles and protects from the new ones.
  • Softens the skin and makes it velvety.
  • Gives evident rejuvenating effect.

The mask is suitable for sensitive skin. The mask serum does not contain mineral oils, animal fats, alcohol, synthetic perfume additives, coloring agents and other substances that can irritate the skin.

Brightening effect

The mask evens out the skin tone instantly by brightening it and relieving inflammations.

Ascorbyl glucosid is one of the most effective Vitamin C derivatives in the cosmetology. It is converted into Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) when applied on the skin and stable at different Ph levels. It is the strongest antioxidant that reduces pigment spots and protects the skin from the sun impact. It provides a strong regenerating effect, heals small skin damages and relieves inflammation.

Saxifrage extract improves microcirculation of blood in the skin, and as a result its nourishment, prevents the accumulation of coloring pigments — one of the factors that cause dark circles under the eyes and uneven facial skin tone.

Peony essence has an immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates blood circulation and improves the skin exterior and appearance. Peony is rich in essential oils, contains iron, copper, natrium, calcium and other microelements. It gives powerful soothing, antibacterial and delicate tonic effects, normalizes metabolic processes in the skin and smoothes it.

Kudzu extract slows down the aging process and rejuvenate the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and formation of collagen, thus visibly improves skin condition by making it elastic and silky, and smoothes wrinkles. Also, kudzu provides a strong anti-oxidant effect and protects the skin from free radicals.

Immediate effect

The mask rejuvenating effect is achieved right after it is applied.

Three types of collagen provide lifting-effect and smooth the skin texture, and natural proteins softens the skin, increase the plasticity of the muscle fibers and improves the skin tone by facilitating its oxygen supply.

Atelocollagen of prolonged action (water-soluble collagen) is the collagen in which the process of fiber generation has been interrupted before it became native. Unlike native, soluble collagen can penetrate the skin. It holds water very well, that’s why it is capable of moisturizing even better that native collagen.

Osmotic type marine collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) is structurally similar to human collagen and therefore is absorbed as efficiently as possible. In comparison to the animal and vegetable collagen, the marine collagen contains more useful amino acids, has better penetrating, moisturizing and rejuvenating abilities.

Succinoyl atelocollagen maintains skin elasticity. It produces a rejuvenating effect and contains about 50% of elastoidin — one of the most effective types of collagen known in cosmetology for the present moment.

Hydrolyzed honey protein regulates water balance and metabolic processes in tissues, produces anti-inflammatory, astringent effect, improves nutrition and respiration of cells. Due to ferment treatment in the process of molecular breakdown (hydrolytic splitting), it is fully hypoallergic.

Hydrolyzed royal jelly protein strengthens cellular immunity, restores membranes, activates metabolic processes in skin cells, as well as improves elasticity of muscle fibers.

Rejuvenating effect

There are two basic points in the mask action: regeneration and skin protection from stresses. Deep moisturizing and formation of the natural lipid barrier of the skin play important part in its regeneration

Collagen is one of the most hydroscopic components known in cosmetology. It can draw and hold a large quantity of water (up to 30 times exceeding its own weight). In this case, a large-sized collagen molecule is useful: the larger molecule is the more water it can hold. Besides, collagen creates on a thin breathing film on the skin surface that prevents moisture loss and at the same time, provides lifting effect by pulling face contour. Collagen softens the skin, makes it silky and shining without any sensation of stickiness.

Royal jelly extract regulates water balance in skin cells and work of oil glands, provides a very strong anti-bacterial effect, removes skin inflammation and peeling, deeply penetrates into the skin and softens it, speeds up the heeling of any damage.

Fibroblast growth factor is a cell growth factor similar in action to EGF (epidermal growth factor). The mask stimulates growth of skin fibroblasts, gives vitality and properly helps to restore the skin elasticity. Fibroblasts are cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen. They become essentially less active with age, thus reducing the quantity and quality of the native collagen, damaging the skin structure and, as a result, forming wrinkles.

Anti-stress effect

Mask protects the skin from internal and external stress-factors:

  • External factors: dry air, temperature, sunlight, dust, wind, fine suspended particles PM 2.5, exhaust gases.
  • Internal factors: stress, imbalance of hormones.
  • Skin irritating factors: chemicals, sweat, sebum, contamination.

Trehalose is a strong antioxidant that softens and protects skin from stress. It serves as a safe preservative agent for the other components of the mask. It protects structural molecules of skin, preventing its drying-up and deterioration. Under extreme temperature conditions (high and low temperatures), it envelopes the cell like an armor and prevents protein and cytoderm from degradation. This effect is used in medicine during preservation of blood samples and internal organs for transplantation. In cosmetology, trehalose protects from frost and heat, eliminates skin peeling and redness.

Glycosyl trehalose is an emulsion stabilizer and moisturizing component. The laboratory tests proved that if this component is added to the known moisturizers (e. g., collagen), the moisturizing effect of the product can be prolonged up to 48 hours. It effectively fights against skin dullness and proteins glycation (a combination of glucose, oxidation and damage), which gives the skin a yellowish-earthy tinge.

Glyceryl glucodise has a protective effect by enhancing the antioxidant activity of cells, slows down reduction of dermis elasticity. It protects and rejuvenates the skin.


  • Use the mask after washing and applying lotion.
  • After using the mask, apply cream or another daily skin care product (essence or lightening serum).
  • For the maximum effect, it is recommended to use the mask 2-3 times a week.



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Safety Precautions

Do not use with skin damage, edema, eczema, irritation and other problems. If the product is not suitable for your skin — as well as in case of any discomfort or irritation — stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist. Make sure to prevent it from getting into your eyes.

If the product gets into your eyes, wash it away immediately with enough water.

Do not store the product at a very high or low temperature; keep it away from direct sunlight. Store it in places inaccessible for children.

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