Summus Revitalizing 3D face mask

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Summus Revitalizing

Revitalizing 3D face mask that improves skin texture.

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Ideology of the brand

The title of the new brand was chosen among 1500 variants that the company clients and partners had kept on suggesting for two years. «Summus» in Latin means «supreme», «outstanding». This new mask has become the sum of the experience, technologies, best traditions in cosmetic science, innovational developments and achievements of the laboratory. The Japanese laboratory where Summus Revitalizing mask was developed aims for the best results and the highest quality of products.

Treatment action

  • Provides rejuvenescent effect.
  • Evens out skin tone and texture, eliminates dullness.
  • Gives the skin the shining and transparency.
  • Maintains skin elasticity and tonus.
  • Moisturizes effectively and holds the moisture in the skin.

The mask is suitable for the sensitive skin, does not contain mineral oils, animal oils, synthetic colorants and dyes, parabens.

Active Ingredients

Components that form the skin protective barrier

Sacran (Aphanothece sacrum seaweed extract) is an innovative component obtained from a rare seaweed discovered in the exceptionally clear water.

It possesses a unique ability to hold moisture, exceeding fivefold the similar ability of sodium hyaluronate (the complete analogue of hyaluronic acid contained in human’s body).

It improves skin texture. Due to a high molecular weight, Sacran forms a protective moisturizing film that immediately improves the skin texture, makes it soft and silky. It also provides anti-inflammatory action.

Components that improve skin elasticity and tonus

  • Atelocollagen extracted from shark fin.

Collagen extracted from shark fin contains approximately fifty-fifty percent of collagen type I and elastoidin respectively. It is used for cell culture in medicine and cosmetology and provides a strongest regenerating effect.

Atelocollagen is obtained in the process of collagen treatment with special ferments, proteases. Molecules that are too large for cosmetology are degraded and become more penetrable. At that they keep their physical and biochemical properties of the component are almost the same as of undissolved collagen fibers. Furthermore, such treatment eliminates the risk of allergic reaction.

The structure of elastoidin (a component of atelocollagen) is similar to collagen abundantly contained in the skin of newborns. In cosmetology, elastoidin is called «collagen of newborns» or «rejuvenescent collagen».

Due to collagen action, serum makes skin smooth and transparent, as well as improves its texture.

  • Sea collagen. The type of collagen that is the closest to the natural human protein.

Moisturizing components

The mask serum saturates epidermis with moisture, thus sustaining the skin vital energy.

  • Hyaluronic acid capable of penetrating into the skin (hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid). It penetrates in the deep layers of skin, regenerates tissues and softens even the deepest long-term wrinkles by filling them and «pulling» them from the inside.


  • Hyaluronic acid with lasting effect (sodium hyaluronate). It forms a breathing water-holding film on the skin surface and provides the visible lifting effect.

Components that evens out skin tone and texture

As the mask component, polysaccharides fight against dull skin and protein glycation (glucose compound, protein oxidation and damage) that give skin a yellowish-ashy color.

  • Glycosyl trehalose is an emulsion stabilizer and moisturizing component. The laboratory tests proved that if this component is added to the known moisturizers (e. g., hyaluronic acid), the moisturizing effect of the product can be prolonged up to 48 hours.
  • Trehalose is a strong antioxidant that softens and protects skin from stress. It serves as a safe preservative agent for the other components of the mask. It protects structural molecules of the skin by preventing their drying-up and deterioration. Under extreme temperature conditions (high and low temperatures), it envelopes the cell like an armor and prevent protein and cytoderm from deterioration. This effect is used in medicine during preservation of blood samples and internals for transplantation. In cosmetology, trehalose protects from frost and heat, eliminates skin peeling and reddening.

Fabric 3D-based mask

We use a patented technology that makes it possible to produce ergonomic fabric bases repeating face contour. New mask covers not only face but neck as well.

Fabric based 3D-contour allows the mask to fit completely in the nose, nasolabial furrows, chin, submaxillary zone and neck areas. It provides the full absorption of active components and nutrients into the skin.

Mask fabric base is made of organic cotton.

Advanced technologies made it possible for the laboratory to create a high quality material, relaxing and soothing for the skin in itself. Thank to the material elasticity and side edges, the mask can be easily put on and adjusted to fit the face contour.



  • Use the mask after washing and applying lotion.
  • After using the mask, apply face cream or any other product for everyday skin care (essence or skin-lightening serum).
  • For the maximum effect, it is recommended to use the mask two or three times a week.


Safety Precautions

Do not use with skin damage, edema, eczema, irritation and other problems. If the product is not suitable for your skin — as well as in case of any discomfort or irritation — stop using it immediately and consult the dermatologist. Make sure to prevent it from getting into your eyes.

If the product has gotten into your eyes, wash it away immediately with enough water. Do not store the product at a very high or low temperature; keep it away from direct sunlight. Store it in places inaccessible for children.

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